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Ward 3 ANC Redistricting Task Force Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Cheh's Office
· Admin Issues and Updates from Task Force Members – 5-10 minutes· Task Force Presentations - 30-40 minutes1. Jerry Malitz2. Brian Flahaven3. Bob Ward· Public Comment period - 10-15 minutes· Wrap-up and Goals for Next Week – 5-10 minutes
Abigail McLean (CM Cheh's Office)
Hi Beau, there is not an official signup but I can note your interest if you’d like to
Abigail McLean (CM Cheh's Office)
Hi Sauleh, yes I have you, thanks!
Christopher Vaden
How much does the proposed 3G08 take out of 3E?
Katherine Samolyk
People along northern Foxhall road were adamant about staying in the same ANC/SMD during the 2012 redistricting process. If you removed AU from the current and3D ---this neighborhood could stay together without keeping anc3D so large
Beau Finley
9 commissioners is already too large for a commission
Katherine Samolyk
your upper WI ANC has only 5 SMDs why not add some of the blocks around AU?
Barr Weiner
Agree with Bob's point that the limited area of Cleveland Park that is currently in 3F would be great to bring into the same ANC as the rest of our neighborhood. We have played in 3F as well as 3C because of the overlap, but it's not ideal. However, there isn't a historic basis for treating Cleveland Park as defined around a single corridor. Both have been important to the neighborhood for over a century, are actively used by residents from across the neighborhood, and neither defines the neighborhood but rather support its residents who live along both. 34th Street is not a sound dividing line from a neighborhood cohesion perspective; it's simply a road that runs through the neighborhood.
+10 Barr
Beau Finley
The largest part of ANC 3C's 2 hour and 19 minute meeting last month was in discussion of just one application in the Cleveland Park Historic District. Our November meeting included two Historic Preservation Review Board applications related to the Cleveland Park Historic District. Our marathon three-and-a-half hour February 2021 meeting included almost an hour of review and discussion of just one application in the Cleveland Park Historic District.
Sauleh Siddiqui
This is a good point, the whole idea of redistricting is that populations are dynamic.
Sauleh Siddiqui
(Well said Kamolika)
Beau Finley
“+10” Kamolika!
Can we please stop planning around historic districts and plan around people and what they need and use now?
Barr Weiner
While populations are certainly dynamic and that's important to consider, Cleveland Park remains a coherent community. Am not clear how an ANC can speak for only part of a community when the community needs help from DC government or concerns about what DC is proposing to do. Would residents of western CP be heard in the "eastern CP ANC" or vice versa? CPCA can certainly work across ANCs, but is this the only way to break ANC 3C up in the task force's view? Seems like there are better options that respect community cohesion. Cleveland Park residents have shared needs and interests. Will leave it at that, appreciate all of the hard work. Thank you.
Stand by my comment. Will our emails to the task force be put into a public record or do I need to read them out loud at meeting?
Katherine Samolyk
Is there a place where what you are sharing can be shared with the pubic?