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Ward 3 ANC Redistricting Task Force Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Abigail McLean (CM Cheh's Office)
Admin Issues and Updates from Task Force Members - 10 minutesPublic Comment period - 10-15 minutesTask Force Presentations - 30-40 minutesMary Alice Levine & Bill SittigTom SneeringerBob WardTroy KravitzWrap-up and Goals for Next Week - 5 minutes
That's a smart idea to present to the ANC's in the spirit of transparency and openness. What is the reason that you are choosing to not be transparent?
Abigail McLean (CM Cheh's Office)
Katherine Samolyk
Is there a place on the ward 3 redistricting website where we can see other people's public comments and importantly to see maps that people are proposing!
Anne Cauman
I also think being able to comment at the end of the meeting makes sense. Not everyone wants to write comments and by the next week who remembers.
Steven Seelig
I would like to comment on the proposal from Mary Alice about 3E, the ANC where I live
Steven Seelig
Bob has articulated my notion of focusing on the actual avenues and community centers far better than I did in my earlier comment. Great start to drawing the districts.
Anne Cauman
As of 2010 you have much of Spring Valley attached to Wisc. and people barely east of Wisc cut off. Why should someone who needs to take a car to Wisc. take priority over me when I am 3 tenths of a miles from the Tenley metro, Library, Whole food and even closer to the Wilson pool
Jimmy Dubois
Katherine Samolyk
are you going to answer people's questions on the chat?
Katherine Samolyk
I would